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Learn the benefits of drinking cardamom tea

Did you know :-  that consuming one cardamom provides many benefits to our body and that some cardiovascular diseases may be far away from you by consuming these cardamom?

The taste of cardamom in tea is just as tasty as it is beneficial to health

 Usually, cardamom contains vitamin A, B, C, minerals, and many other nutrients needed for the body.  But be careful not to mix milk and sugar in tea.  There are many benefits to drinking such tea.
 Helps to stay away from colds and flu
 Drinking cardamom tea can relieve the problem of cold, cough, flu symptoms, throat irritation.  Acts as an expectorant.  So as to relieve the common problem like cough and throat irritation.

 Cardamom relaxes with the smell of breath
 Cardamom tea is very useful for relieving bad breath.  Cardamom has anti-bacterial properties.  Which helps relieve the odor of breath.  Drinking tea after meals can help relieve many of the problems associated with teeth.

Cardamom improves digestion

 Drinking cardamom tea removes stom…