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Could aliens really have reached Earth?

  According to scientists, the organism is in danger

 Scientists have been searching for aliens for years.  Sometimes with the help of a telescope, aliens are discovered even by sending binoculars and vehicles into space.  Radio waves are also being sent from Earth for a long time so that if a human being exists in space, he hears and reacts to them.

 But to date, the aliens have not responded to any human message.  It's been almost 100 years since the message of our presence in the universe has spread.  The first biggest event in the world that was widely broadcast on television.

 The waves of radio frequency produced during this time must have traveled hundreds of millions of kilometers.  The waves of the radio frequency of the famous serial 'Game of Thrones' have now reached far beyond our nearest solar system.

 There can be many reasons for this.  It may even be that aliens are not in the universe as we are thinking.  Or it may be that radio frequency messages from Earth have not yet reached the aliens.  And it may even be that life is in some other corner of the universe, or that the microbes have not yet moved on.
 Shostak, the inventor of SIT, an organization looking for aliens in space, says we have seen many alien forms in Bollywood Hollywood films.  So his special picture has become in our minds too

 Shostak advises that we should think about our future rather than looking for aliens elsewhere in the universe.  According to Shostak, today humans are busy preparing artificial brain machines.  In this case, if there were aliens anywhere in the universe, they would leave humans behind in terms of progress.
 And yes, it may be that creatures from another planet have developed artificial intelligence before us.  And it may even be that such machines have eliminated them.

 Former astronaut and author Stuart Clark says that if these artificial mental machines could work so fast they could refuse to obey humans, and it is likely that they will try to establish their rule in the future.
 Human beings have made many such fantasies lately.  And if we look at films like 'The Terminator' and books like Berserker, we have seen examples of this.  Some people say that it is almost impossible to create machines like humans.  Whether it will or not - it is very difficult to say today.  However, Stuart Clark says that with such an ideology, we are bound to search for aliens in one area.

 An alien-detective organization, 'SETI' attempts to listen to alien messages in space with the help of some radio telescopes.  Especially in places where space vehicles have created the potential for a new planet.  Water and air are expected to remain in these planets.
 Shostak says that these machines could be somewhere in the alien universe.  And yes, it will require massive energy.  Therefore, we should examine those corners of space where there is potential for a larger source of energy.

 Shostak advises that for this purpose, instead of placing its telescope on Earth, Saty should be sent into space with spacecraft.  Now that every spacecraft will be ready for this, it is difficult to say.
 Currently, SETI will continue to search for aliens using only a radio frequency telescope.  And yes, this option can be found later.  Another way could be to send radio messages from Earth to a single planet or to one end of the universe.  But even scientists like Stephen Hawking are opposed to this.
 They fear that this will increase the risk of the Earth because they may be human-powered creatures and they do not yet know about us.  But soon they will receive a radio message and will be looking for us.  In such a situation the future of humanity could be endangered.


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