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benefits of drinking turmeric milk

Learn the benefits of drinking turmeric milk

 Every evening Mom would give us a glass of milk before going to bed in childhood.  At that time we used to flirt.  We had no milk father without Bornvita or Horlicks.  For centuries mom used to mix turmeric in milk instead of bornevita or horlicks, so the problem of cold cough would go away.  And with turmeric milk in it, there is such a thing going on in our minds that it can only be consumed in winter.  But turmeric - milk is very beneficial which you can drink daily.
 Milk contains a high amount of calcium.  While turmeric has antibiotic properties.  Mixing both of them together and drinking them has the double benefit.  So here are some of the benefits that are very beneficial to health.

 - Turmeric milk relieves the problem of excessive pain in the human body.  Simultaneously, many floors are sitting and this milk can be relieved if consumed.
 - Drinking turmeric milk can also relieve ear pain.  Thereby relieving pain faster.

 - Drinking t…

The benefit of eating apples

Eliminate heart disease and cancer illness Apply an apple a day

 Eating one apple a day will keep you away from the doctor.

 Apples are considered the best fruit for fitness.  The Vidarbha believes this old saying to be true.  A study by him found that eating an apple a day can eliminate heart disease and cancer

 Arthritis has also come to the conclusion that if humans eat more flavonoid-rich substances, they are at risk of dying from a major illness.  Investigators from an Australian university have studied the eating and drinking of nearly 53,000 people and have been monitored for almost 23 years.  They found that men who consumed 400 to 500 mg of antioxidants, flavonoids, had the risk of death from cancer, heart disease, and death.

 Flavonoids are a group of natural substances found in foods such as fruits, vegetables and grains.  Researchers said that individuals received more than 450 to 500 milligrams of flavonoids by eating an apple, orange, portions of broccoli and a handful of bl…

whatsapp's 10th anniversary scheme

Get 1000GB Free Data Find out on WhatsApp's 10th Anniversary fact

 Have you got this false message on your mobile 1000GB free internet data If this message is received then beware!  This is a scam that is spreading rapidly through the message.  Researchers at cyber security firm Asset also received a similar message.  It says that 1000GB free internet data will be provided on the happiness of 10th anniversary of WhatsApp Researchers said in their blog that some cyber fraud is spreading bogus offers in the name of Famous brand.

Checking in on the company's original website

 Looking at this message, you will find that the URL of the message does not have the domain address of the official website of WhatsApp.  It is being reported that a business may be promoted by a third party.

When you open this link, 30 people are shared

 If you open this link, you will be forwarded to a page with questions for the survey.  As you answer these questions you will be tempted to gift and then 30 peo…

Why not all the characters on the keyboard are in order

Do you know why not all the computer's keyboard characters are in order?

 Know why all the keyboard characters are up and down?

 The computer was invented in the 19th century by a famous mathematician professor named Charles Babbage.  Therefore, he is also called 'the father of computers'.  Since then many changes have been made to the computer.  The faster a man moves his fingers on a computer's keyboard, the more information is exchanged in the world.

 Have you ever wondered why not all the characters on the keyboard are in order?  Know why all the keyboard characters are up and down?

 Usually we use the keyboard almost every day if we want.  Whether in the office or at home, we use the keyboard.  The computer's keyboard and mobile keypad start with the same letter QTY (QWERTY).  Christopher Scholes created the Quartey.  The word typewriter in 1874 was used similarly.  It was then known as Remington I.

 While Christopher Shoals was dictating the method and order of wo…

A new feature will be added to whatsapp

This popular feature on Instagram may soon be available on WhatsApp

 If you prefer to share photos and videos to your friends in WhatsApp, here's the good news for you.  Until now we had the option of sharing text messages, videos, photos, GIFs in WhatsApp states.  However, now there are reports that a new boomerang feature can be added to WhatsApp through Facebook's social messaging app.
 According to a blog website that tracks WhatsApp-related development, the popular social messaging app WhatsApp is working on an Instagram-like feature boomerang.  This feature allows WhatsApp users to create boomerang videos within the app itself.  And share it with friends and relatives.  This video can be shared in WhatsApp status like other media files.
 Currently, WhatsApp features the conversion of users' videos into GIFs.  However, its length is less than 7 seconds.  Now the company will have the option to convert the 7 second long video into a boomerang.  But WhatsApp has not yet re…

What are the benefits of green coconut

Learn about its benefits from green coconut that eliminates these serious ailments

 Green coconut is very beneficial for health.  Green coconut water is a natural and low calorie drink.  Green coconut rich in minerals greatly enhances your immune system and also protects you from many diseases.  Apart from this it is rich in protein, fiber, magnesium, potassium, sodium and carbohydrate.  Which is helpful in increasing your blood circulation, reducing bad cholesterol, keeping blood pressure healthy and keeping your heart healthy.
 Coconut is thus very beneficial for fitness

 - Drinking green coconut water does not add water to the body.  It is considered to be a very good source of energy.  It helps relieve problems like weakness, fatigue, dizziness in the body.

 - Green is full of anti-oxidants in coconut, both in the clay and water inside the green coconut is full of phenolic yogic anti-oxidants.  Which helps reduce inflammation in the body and also saves your cells from destruction.

 - C…

remove blood loss after delivery

Eat this pulse to remove blood loss after delivery

 After delivery, it is natural for women to have less blood in their bodies.  This can also cause iron deficiency in them.  However, after delivery, adequate diet can be taken and this deficit can be overcome.  The pulse should be used to remove blood deficiency in the body.  Regular intake of these lentils reduces the body's vulnerability to excessive bleeding.  Proteins and vitamins also increase the delivery of milk from legumes.  Eating these pulses for up to 45 days after delivery is good.

Useful in increasing protein intake

 The lentils are similar to other lentils but you will be surprised if you know about the qualities they have.  It also has medicinal properties.  The bud contains more nutrients than other beans.  It contains about 25 percent more protein than half the soybeans.

It also eliminates blood deficiency in the body

 Women benefit from drinking lentils or broth.  According to Ayurveda, women should regularly consume…

Benefits of eating chocolate

Did you know that eating dark chocolate can improve mood and reduce the risk of depression?

​ If you like to eat dark chocolate then the good news for you is that dark chocolate of any kind is a way to help make your mood very positive and good.

  Importantly, eating dark chocolate reduces your depression level, according to the World Health Organization (WHO), which accounts for about 30 million people worldwide and is one of the leading causes of disability.​ Eating dark chocolate reduces the symptoms of depression by about 70%

Research at University College London (UCL) has exposed some of the most important things linked to dark chocolate and depression.  This research has been published in the journal 'Depression Endanxity'.  A total of 13,626 people with different types of chocolate were surveyed in this research.  The survey found that

 people who ate dark chocolate of any kind within 24 hours had a 70% reduction in depression symptoms compared to those who did not eat ch…

Computers related full forms

            Computers related full forms 

1)   SMPS    : switch mode power supply

2)   PC         : personal computers
      PC/XT   : personal computer / extended technology
      PC/AT   : personal computer / advance technology

3)   CD         :  compact disk
                    :  digital video disk
                    : digital versatile disk

4)   SATA     :  serial advance technology attachment
           AT     : advance technology attachment
       PATA    :  Parallel advance technology attachment

5)CPU     : central processing unit
       ALU      : arithmetic logic unit
       MLU     : modern language association (MLA)
       MU       : memory unit
       CU        : control unit
      ALU      : arithmetic and logical unit

6)   CRT      : cathode ray tub
      LCD      : liquid crystal display
      LED      : light emitting diode

7)  VGR      :  visual grafical adptor
     HDML  : high definition multiply interface

8) USB       : universal serial bus
     SCSI       : small computer system inter…

Computer component full guideline

          PC hardware basic guide

• Modal 2 – identification of pc component


-The components of computers are electric and mechanical

-Computer is used to perform arithmetic and logic operation
Lesson covered in this modal

• Introduction to PC hardware

Lesson 1

Introduction to PC hardware
The electronic components of computers include the integrated chips (ic’s) present in computer include the following

-Input device

-Output device




-Interface card

-Power supply


-Expansion bas slots

Lesson – 1

•      Introduction to PC hardware

The black diagram a computer

-The input give by the user using input device

-Input is stored in memory and then brought to the CPU for processing

-The result is brought back to the memory for storage and give to the output

Lesson – 1

•      Introduction to PC hardware

The part of a computer
-Input device

-Output device

-System unit

-Mass storage device

• The unit components




-Expansion cards

-Power sup…