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Types of indicator


In this topic we learn

•What is indicator
•How can generate magnetic field
•Where indicator use
•How can we create indicator at home

What is indicator

An indicator also called a coil
An indicator also know as a reactor is simply a coil of wire which has many electric properties when subjected magnetic field when an electric current is passed through it a magnetic fileted this magnetic field help to store the electric current fro a short time even if the supply is removed

How can generate magnetic field

-In strate wire
                             Magnetic field
                             Current carrying conduotor
                             In round wire

   Types of indicator 

•Fixed indicator :

This indicators value is fixed its seems like resistor

Types of indicator (cont.)

•Ferromagnetic core indicator
•Its called as iron – core indicators
•Wire put on ferrite magnetic field is generated in heavy mode
Ferromagnetic core indicator

Types of indicator (cont.)

•Air core indicator
It is used for…

What is a resistor ?


In this topic we learn

- What is resistor (why we use resistor)

- How it is work

- Who find law for resistor

- How can we use law for find value

- Types of resistor

- Learn about color code of resistor

- How can we find value from resistor

What is resistor

     (Why we use resistor)

A resistor is a electrical component which limits the flow of electric current
Its means it decrease the flow of current
In other tab we can see symbols of resistor

How it is work
(in this side we can under stand its work)

We can current pass from one pipe to other pipe and we can also see resistor joint in between both pipes so when current pass from lift pipe to right pipes its is going slow mode its means resistor stop the flow of current
Three thing we need understand for resistor

Voltage = v          resistor work on
Current = I           ohm’s law

-  Who find law for resistor

- He was a German scientist

- He found law for resistor in 1827

- Ohm’s law 1827

How can we use this law

Voltage = V

What is a capacitor ?


In this topic we learn

What is capacitor
Example of farad
Working of capacitor diagram
Types of capacitor

Capacitor types

-Polar capacitor
-Non polar capacitor
-Variable type capacitor
-Semi variable type capacitor

Types of capacitor 

Capacitor (with symbols)

What is capacitor

The non conductive material between two metal plates (the non conductive material) placing one of Plato
Discarded wire visit mode such device called capacitor
Capacitor that works like a battery this current stores just store the water in the tank can be remove again aviso  capacitor ware stored in the same way
Also can be recovered

What is capacitor - cont

Capacitor work of collecting and electric energy to electric energy to give back to the collection
The charging – discharging process capacitor is called
The ability to store electricity by capacitor of capacitor says
Capacitor the “C” letter are displayed capacitor the “F” (farad) are measured

Example of farad 

100pico farad (PF) = 1kg pico farad (KPF)

1000kg micro fe…

How can work computer hardwares ?

PC hardware basic guide

Modal 1 – personal computers (PC) – guide


-  Personal computers  are electronic devices the user input the data for                       calculation and the computers give the output

-  The primary jobs that a computers can perform are storing data processing             data  moving and communicating the different data patterns

•Lesson covered in this modal personal computers

1.Lesson 1 – personal computers (PC) – basics introduction

Personal computers (PC) are electronic gadgets that perform the same function a Human dose on an information/data in a amazing speed
Topic covered in this lesson working with a PC
System and components – an overview

2.Topic 1 – working with a PC

-  Primary function of a PC
-  Storing the data
-  Short term storage – is the system memory that holds the data that you or the system working with right now loge term storage  is provided by the hard disk drive like floppy drive and other devices

Processing the data
The key part of the compu…

How can work computer component's ?

PC hardware basic guide

•Modal 6 – power supply


 This modal deals with to major components involved on power supply

•Lessons cover are

1.Switch mode power suppkly
2.Uninterrupted power supply
3.Troubleshooting power supply

•Lessons 1 – switch mode power supply


        The SMPS is used to give DC voltage components present in the motherboard
It is used to produce different DC voltage necessary to drive various componts like the processer, the hard disk flioppy drive the processer fan ete.

•Lessons 1 – switch mode power supply

        Topics covered in this lessons

1.Classification of power supply
2.Switch mode power supply
3.Output DC voltage
4.Power terminologies
5.ATX power connector
6.AC adaptors
7.Line conditions

•Topic 1 – classification of power supply

 The power supply can be classifild into two types

•Line power supply
•Switch mode power supply

   Liner power supply

1the linear power supplies da
2dissipute more power during conversion process
3As linear power supplies dissipute more…

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Inlise fish oil 


What is a SMPS ?

SMPS guidelines

Full from:     Switch mode power supply

what is power supply word

 power supply unit or PSV component that supplies power to a computer most personal computer can be plugged into standard electrical outles the power supply then pulls the requites amnount of electric ity and converts the AC current (alternating current) to DC current (direct current
 a power supply unit (PSV) convert main AC to low - voltage regulator DC power for the internal components of a computer
modern personal computer universally use switched-mode power supplies some power supplies have a manual switch for selecting input voltage while others automatically adept to the mains voltage
most modern desktop personal computer power supplies conform to the ATX specification which includes form factor and voltage tolerances

while an ATX power sapper is connected to the mains supply it always provides a B.V standby (BVSB )     voltage so than the standby fanctions on the computer and certain turned on and off b…

What is the Agent Smith' malware attack


 'Agent Smith' malware attack on around 1.5 million Android users in India
 Creating Target for Android (Agent Smith Malware) Stop downloading any apps from third party app store
 About 3 million in the United States, and 1.3 million in England are affected by Agent Smith Malware. Gadget Desk  According to the Israeli cyber security company 'Czech Points', the virus is targeting users of developing countries in this regard, it seems that the Android smartphone is hunting for Agent Smith malware.   According to a report, around 25 million Android smartphone worldwide have been affected by this malware called Agent Smith.  
Most Android phones have been affected by malware in India. Name of Malware Agent Smith
 According to a checkpoint report, Agent Smith's name can easily access malware devices.
 It shows advertisements for savvy advertisements, which can be used to deceive users' banking financials.  The malware other Malware) Gooligan, Humming bad and copy cat ar…

Avanger Endgame Movies

Avanger Endgame Movies Actors Name And Details

​1,  Robert Downey, Jr. ​-      Iron Man

​2,  Chris Hemsworth - ​       Thor

​3,  Chris Evans  ​-                 Captain America

​4,  Scarlett Johansson - ​    Black Widow

​5,  Brie Larson ​-                 Carol Danvers

​6,  Mark Ruffalo -               Mark

​7,  Jeremy Renner -           ​Clint Barton

​8,  Paul Rudd - ​                  Ant-Man

​10,  Tom Holland -           ​Spider-Man

​11,  Karen Gillan -           ​Nebula

​12,  Don Cheadle -          ​War Machine

​13,  Josh Brolin - ​            Thanos

​14,  Danai Gurira - ​        Okoye

​15,  Chris Pratt - ​            Star-Lord

​16,  Bradley Cooper - ​   Rocket Raccoon

​17,  Benedict Cumberbatch - ​Doctor Strange

​18,  Elizabeth Olsen -       ​Wanda Maximoff

​19,  Gwyneth Paltrow - ​   Pepper Potts

​20,  Tessa Thompson - ​    Valkyrie

​21,  Sebastian Stan -        ​Bucky Barnes

​22,  Jon Favreau -             ​Happy Hogan

​23,  Anthony Mackie - ​    Sam Wilson

​24,  Chadwick Aaron Boseman -   ​BlackPant…

What Is The Full Form (HTTP'S)?

what is the full form (HTTP'S)

1,  ​HTTPS full form

​H -  Hyper
​T -  Text
​T - Transfer
​P - Protocol
​S - Secure
​Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure

2,​  (SSL & TLS)

​SSL full form

​S - Secure
​S - Sockets
​L - Layer
​Secure Sockets Layer

3,  ​TLS full from

​T - Transport
​L - Layer
​S - Security
​Transport Layer Security

​4,  URL full from

​U - Uniform
​R - Resource
​L - Locator
​Uniform Resource Locator

How to connect the brain with a computers..?

How to connect the brain with a computer


 Seeing the progress of science technology in the world, Alan Mask's early neurlink brain project is in the process of connecting the brain with a computer.
 We have seen movies in many Hollywood science fiction films to connect a computer with the brain, but in reality can this be done?
 If this can be done, then technology and man's brain can get ridiculous achievements.  Tasla founder and CEO Alan Maske has launched a startup project on such a project.
 The name of this project has been kept in the nurlink, in which a technique has been prepared.  The computer is working on linking the human brain.  Alan Musk's startup neuralink will develop ultra-high bandwidth brain-machine interfaces.  At this time, there is a focus on sciencetic scientific films - which can connect human brains and computers.
 Tesla CEO Alan Musk will tell about the use of how to connect the human brain with computers during the event i…

What is tha full meaning of computer?


 were first designed for this purpose
but later their purpose
 diversified so the name continued,
 In the modern times it has been
 given a
full form of
C - Commonly
O - Operated
M - Machine
P - Particularly
U - Used for
T - Technical and
E - Educational
R - Research.